How I design an artwork?

I always try to express my momentary feelings and perspective to my artboard. It changes moment by moment. I try to capture that particular feeling of a topic and express it using various graphic design tools, applying design principles and defining that feelings of that topic. Another words try to communicate my feelings or perspective through that visuals. Try to define my own path. Strive for finding multiple solutions to achieve. Strive for achieving an unique visual acuity that has never seen before. Finding something unique and different. I try to create new clichés, not adhere to those that were defined by generations passed. I strongly value my own judgment. When I am working I try not to over think the process. I just do it and try to generate various possible outcomes on a certain time frame (until I can not hold my attention on that topic). I once heard that great art is an unconscious creation. Then I decide suitable and best option among the possible outcomes. read more

On inspiration:

Initial inspiration might be OK for someone or something or some event. But if you try to emulate 100% of that event or copy something or try to be someone, it doesn’t work like that way. It usually turns out something different from the original event or the person. It is OK to get inspired by something, or someone else in the beginning, but It’s your decision that will effect your end result. You have to correct it along the way and keep up with your standards. It’s your decision where to set your standards. You cannot work on someone else’s standards. read more